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Your first task should be: becoming fluent in the language of vendors. From hidden fees to minimum order quantities, starting a beauty brand is expensive and timely. With Concierge, you’ll be taking a shortcut. From formulation innovation to building buzz, Uplink Concierge is the easiest way to build the team your brand needs to succeed.


Tight on your timeline? Did a previous partner not fit the bill and now you’re left high and dry? We can get you on a call this week to define your needs and get your launch back on track. Connect with the concierge and start a project, it’s free to consult!

Growing Pains Happen

To scale your beauty brand and meet critical growth metrics you need to invest in the best! Our Verified Vendors have proven experience in all the critical areas of your beauty business so you can get to the next level.


Start A Project, It’s Free To Begin!

Are you a beauty entrepreneur frustrated by the confusing, complex and time-consuming task of sourcing vendors? Don’t know where to start and what questions to ask? Uplink Concierge is the most efficient way to source a shortlist of qualified vendors to address your business needs.

You Consult with Concierge

Let us clear the confusion. You don’t have a project, you are searching for a partner. A search like this can take months, even years. Concierge helps brands with more than sourcing a shortlist of service providers with their budget and timelines. After a free consultation, you will be more confident than ever in the critical needs of your beauty business.

From Shortcut to Shortlist

With a database of over 1000 service providers in beauty, we have singled out and vetted some of the most experienced providers in the beauty and wellness industry with a range of capabilities and deliverables. From turn-key to hyper-targeted, in just 2 weeks our Concierge will provide you with a shortlist of 3 vendors all within your desired timeline, budget, and price. *fees apply*

Your Network Just Got Bigger

Our service is a seamless transfer to the provider(s) of your choice with as much time as you need to make your decision. Looking to dive deep? Our team can provide you with referrals from brands like yours on any providers in your shortlist. Our network is your network! Ready to seal the deal? We will send you off with all the insight you need to get the most of your new partnership.

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